Date With Quinn


Over the last month or so my son, Quinn, has kept coming up to me and saying…”Dad, remember when we went on a date?”, “Yes, son I remember.”  “Let’s go on another date.”  After that my heart fills with pride and joy that he would want to hang out with me.  Now I am not expecting this to continue but I am hoping that it will for both of them.

Today though he picked for us to go out to McDonalds, he called it the one with the arches.  We went, we ate, we talked, and he told stories.  I ended up dropping my phone in catsup, but luckily it missed going in all the important holes.  We had fries and McNuggets, I had a Big Mac, Quinn had Strawberry Fanta.  It was delicious…strangely enough I actually don’t mind McDonalds, but I did offer up Wendy’s but he didn’t choose that one.

I told him we could go ride his bike, or actually he could, it’s not big enough for the two of us, and then we could go eat lunch.  Of course that isn’t what he had in mind he wanted to eat then ride and since it was his date I conceded and let him have it his way, which is actually  Burger King and where we normally go.  After we ate we drove to the Y by our house and in the back there is a big parking lot which today was completely empty and so made for some nice space to ride around without having to worry about getting hit by a car or running into people or other bikers or anything really, except the curb, which he did once or twice.  Good thing it wasn’t a street full of cars, parked or moving.

As a side note, I might have mentioned that I got a new camera.  I’ve been saving my bones up and through a couple of early Christmas presents I saved up enough to get it in time for opening presents.  Oh, and I spent a couple of days on my homework, got it done and turned in and viola…camera.  Thanks wife.  She finally put me over the edge.  Anyway, all that to say I took my new camera out to take some pictures of Quinn riding his bike around the parking lot.

Quinn is riding his bike, actually with the pedals

He learned a new trick, which isn’t so much of a trick as just a skill that I’ve found actually needs to be learned.  Both Jake and Quinn learned to ride a bike, the balance part, on a Skuut, The problem they both had was that they needed to “learn” how to actually make the pedals to ’round and ’round.

Just being cool

And then he just suddenly struck a pose, I guess since I had my camera out he felt compelled to strike a mighty pose.

So, of course he is Joelle’s son which means he really likes to talk and tell stories.  In this case, you will notice on the above picture there is a hand brake.  Now this hand brake goes to the front wheel, but it doesn’t work worth a darn, but anyway, he wanted to show me how it worked.  He just started riding a bike and so that would be to much, back to his feet….

So you're going along...

and movin'...









And then you get ready...

And then you Squeeze...









And squeeze!!!

How great is that.  Now you all know how to use the hand brake on your bikes.  He really did a great job getting out there and pedaling and just plain ol’ not crashing into to much stuff.  He’s my boy and I’m proud of him.

On the other hand, the camera was wonderful.  I had it on CL which for Nikon is Continuous Low speed, and I didn’t feel like I was struggling to get the next shot off before the bike went by.  I used my 35mm prime lens the whole time which was really cool, and also meant that I wasn’t worried about him getting to far away and not being able to crop way in, the new camera adds 10MP to the old one.

it’s got a lot of buttons and dials and switches that I am still figuring out but I’ll get there…eventually.

And on that note I leave you to it.  Have a great day.


Ridin’ the bike


Last week, on the 26th, we went outside to do a little playing.  The neighbors were out with their kids and Jake had the Skuut out.  Now I don’t know if you have heard of Skuut, it is something my parents saw in the SkyMall magazine the first time they came to Okinawa to visit us.  Basically it is a wooden bike with no pedals…2 wheels, a seat and a handlebar.  It is meant to help kids learn to balance so they don’t have to use training-wheels on their pedal bikes.

We just had one of our friends PCS(Permanent Change of Station) back to the states.  He has a boy about 2 years older than  Jake, who was learning how to ride a bike with training wheels.  The back tire had a hole because G had learned how to skid, so I replaced it and filled it up with air, put the whole thing back together again, with very few left over parts, and Jake got on.

This is the result of practicing with the Skuut.  This is the first time he’s ever been on a bike with pedals.

STEP 1:  Have Dad help with balance to get started.

STEP 1: Have Dad help with balance to get started.

STEP 2:  Start pedaling, maybe have Dad push a little.

STEP 2: Start pedaling, maybe have Dad push a little.

STEP 3:  Have Dad act like he's pushing but in reality he isn't, it's like a fake out.

STEP 3: Have Dad act like he's pushing but in reality he isn't, it's like a fake out.

Jo actually wrote a bit on the Skuut awhile back because the President of Skuut contacted us to see if they could use some of pictures on their website.  Pretty sweet.  She also got a video of him skuutin’ around.

Since then…that makes it sound like it’s been months…he has been riding and practicing and really doing great, riding like a professional.  Lance you better watch out…if you were 4…and in Japan…and a…well, you get the point.  I’m a proud father what can you expect.