It Has Arrived


It’s here, the giant iMac, I picked it up today.

Joelle: “Aren’t you going to the Post Office?”

Brent: “Why? The tracking says it’s still in New York”

Joelle: “Honey, I think it’s not going to get updated again. I think that’s the NY FPO — it’ll just be here.”

Brent: “You think so really?”

Joelle: “Yes.”

Brent: “Ok, I’m going to go.”

10 Minutes pass as I drive out to the Navy side with Moka, I figured why not just take her with me. I get 2 yellow slips for packages and I’m trying not to be to excited.

The guy brings out the first box, it’s just a little one, I was thinking coffee. The next box is gigantic and looks promising…the guy tells me, “it’s heavy.” I wrestled it out to my car and as I’m fumbling for my keys I notice the B&H tape on the seams of the box. I’m trying not to be too excited, after all it could be Joelle’s iLife software I ordered at the same time…right?

The box is in the car and the next 15 minutes are the most agonizingly slow and I am behind the slowest drivers on the base. At least school isn’t in session so I can go 40 through there instead of the normal 25, remember, I’m in Japan, that is 25 kph (kilometers per hour)…that’s like 16 miles per hour or something.

I made it to the house with the computer and it’s already set up. My screen…ya…it’s huge…in fact, maybe even gigantic. I have to actually move my head to see from one side of my screen to the other. I wish I had my pictures on so I could see them but that’ll have to wait. Poor me, I have to work tonight, and tomorrow night. It’ll have to wait until Wednesday afternoon, but it’s something to look forward to. I might not even come home and sleep after my watch on Wednesday morning… Maybe I’ll just come home and play with my new computer.

Wow, B&H Photo is super fast.

(Shout out to Aviva for suggesting I try them since Mac won’t ship to us here.)


The Rocket

Living in Okinawa we, sometimes, have a little delay in our mail.  Today, Jake got to open his final birthday present, the “Stomp Rocket Ultra” with 4 foam tipped rockets, soars up to 200ft.  Air powered rockets, No battery, No fuel required, Ready to fly in seconds, Adult Supervision Recommended, (hmmmmmmm)Ages 8 and up(that should be ok, after all the rockets are foam tipped so how bad could it get, right?).





Whoa, that was sweet.  Not quite 200ft. but still…nice.  Hey Jake, try it from the chair. (ages 8 and up my arse.)





Very cool, still not quite 200 feet but not bad for a kid who weighs 37 pounds.  What I don’t have pictures of is Jake and I came into the house after this, Quinn was awake and he and Jake were shooting rockets all over the house.  Jake shot one that went into the kitchen and I thought, “I gotta try this” Jake runs to get the one he just shot I get one of the remaining 3, put it on the air pipe and mash the air pedal.  Jake now 4 is much faster than I anticipated and I end up shooting him, I am not kidding you, right between the eyes.  Did I say Adult supervision recommended, for who?  Jake of course is more of a man than I am, no tears, and then, as I am groveling, he says…it’s ok dad, it was an accident. I can only hope that we can continue over the years to learn this kind of grace from each other.  Thanks buddy for your wonderful heart.