My New Blog


Brent has been talking for a couple months now about starting a blog.  But he wasn’t sure what it should be about.  We had a long chat (well, as long as chats are with Brent) yesterday about what it could BE.  I reminded him that he had started a scrapbook for he and Jake 4 years ago.  His idea for that was to document time with his son on a monthly basis with photographs and stories.  I think he did 3 months.  But I suggested this might be another format for the same idea…  a place to share his personal experiences as well as the antics of living with a teenager, 2 preschool boys, a baby girl, a dumb dog and a wife who will SOMEDAY be forty.  So, we’ve set his blog up today and we’ll see how it goes…  Encourage him, eh?   — Joelle, The Wife