Which one to get??? Aaaaaaaaaugh!!!

So, I don’t know if you have noticed or not but I have gotten into taking pictures.  You see it starts out like this.  I enrolled in this photography class here on Okinawa.  Not a big deal just one of those classes they offer down at the Arts and Crafts Store here on base.  4 classes, 1 a week for 4 weeks.  It ends being taught by this airforce guy that is into photography and really does know quite a bit could be a pro but hasn’t said it yet, he has a job already in the Air Force, photography is more of a hobby.  He shoots Canon and loves it.  He really did make it interesting and quite fun.  I ended up borrowing one of my friend’s cameras for the class (He was with us in England, and now he is with us here in Okinawa and he is a good friend).  Anyway, I borrowed his camera, Canon…again, and have shot in the M mode pretty much ever since.

I’ve got 2 friends here that are pros: one is Aviva, who shoots Canon, and one is Kimberly, who shoots Nikon.  I asked around between the 2, Canon vs. Nikon and liked the answers for Nikon much better.  Of course when you are starting something new like this with opinions galore what kind of questions do you ask?  Ummmm, which one is better?  If that’s not a loaded question I don’t know what is.  But the bottom line, EVERYONE said, was “Whichever one you decide…stick with that.”  My choice…Nikon.  I really have no good reason for that other than my Dad had just gotten a Nikon.

So starts the search.  How do you search for something that you know nothing about, only that you know it’s Nikon?  Ebay?!?  I put in my queries and watched the auctions so I could get a good average price range, Amazon.com, B&H photo and only a few others so I didn’t get overwhelmed.  After all that how did it end?  I just went down to the BX on Kadena and bought one there.  A Nikon D40.

I read some books, and took some pictures and I still, a year later, really have a good time shooting(the camera).  Anyway, so we’re at the Aquarium the other day and we were inside, then hurriedly outside, and I wanted more zoom than I had, blah, blah, blah.  I decided at that point I was definitely getting a bigger zoom lens.  Nikkor and Sigma seem to be the main 2.  Sigma has a new 18-250mm, Bingo.  I’m getting that.  Now, a couple of days later, I’m wondering if that is a good decision.  Maybe I want something like that new Nikkor 50mm prime AF-S lens.  My father-in-law handed me a 70-210mm AF.  Very nice.  Over the last weeks I’ve taken it out and have done some shooting with it, but it is manual focus with my camera and I’ve ended up with some almost fantastic shots.  Just a little blurry.  I think with practice I can get used to that, so now that question is do just keep practicing with that and get the new Nikkor AF-S 50mm prime? or the AF-S 35mm?  Which for the sensor in my camera is what you see with the naked eye?  Those I can get in something around 1.4 or 1.8(that is a technical thing) for some low light situations or portraits type shots and amazing bokeh.

Now I realize that not a lot of people are going to be looking at this, and furthermore most of you aren’t going to really care but I am hoping that by writing this down and reading it will help me to make my mind up.