It Brought a Tear to My Eye


I don’t think I’ve actually mentioned in such a public forum that my wife and I have decided to buy a house.  Now this is a really big decision, especially since the housing industry hasn’t been doing very good for a little while now.  We were, of course, going to move to WA and try for a posting at Whidbey Island.  However, since then Jake has started school and we really like the school he is in.  He will be fluent in Mandrin and have a good grasp on Spanish and of course be fluent in English as well.  The teachers seem nice, and Jake likes the school.  Anyway, the point is we are staying in SD.

So the one thing I think that is cool about moving is you get to get rid of a bunch of stuff that you don’t need.  Well, we’ve just moved but we have also had to bring together two different shipments from two different places.  When we left England to go to Okinawa we were only allowed to take ¼ of our belongings.  This ended up being nice for us since we had to get some new stuff for our house and it really helped us to not have all the clutter around.  The bummer thing is when we moved back to the states we had to combine all the stuff we acquired in Okinawa with all the stuff we left behind in England.

Well, we just finally went through the garage to find some stuff for a yard sale we think we might have this upcoming weekend…MAN, this is turning out to be a long back story….  Anyway, we need to eat dinner right.  A couple of weeks ago my Mom and Dad came down for a visit and my Dad, who is the proud owner of a Traegar.  This is a pellet smoker/grill type of thing that is really neat…anyway!!!!!!!!  He made some tri-tip and brought it down, smoked it for 5 hours.  Ya, that’s right, SMOKED…TRI-TIP…5…FIVE…hours.  Anyway, I just got one of those out last night.

On the grill to heat up and finish cooking

That is it…a huge piece of meat on the grill, sorry it’s such a bad picture, I did it on a whim and with my iPhone, I put it on there so it could get that crust and warm up as well as finish cooking.  And….

The finished product

And this is what I ended up with.  Would you please note the pink around the edge…Ya, you got it, that’s the smoke ring or flavorfulness.  It was so good, it brought a tear to my eye.  Now I love food and the food they serve on the ship…well not to talk bad about the cooks on the ship but it isn’t the best.  A good steak on the ship…well, let’s say it doesn’t exist.  Now enter this smokey wonder…the last time a meal made me tear up was when Jo and I went to Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  I remember I had the Fillet, it was so good I cried, this was so good….

Anyway, just wanted to share how good my dinner was last night and say a super big “THANKS” to my Dad for the wonderful smokey experience.  How does it do on Turkey?  Thanks-giving is right ’round the corner.  Oh and Chirstmas, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


So, I Realize….


I’m back right.  And since I’ve gotten back from deployment I realized that I have not written very much of anything since I left Okinawa.  I know earlier I said I was going to and then I didn’t and now what, I’m going to say I’m going to and I might not again but the bottom line is that I am back.  Back in the states from both Okinawa and from a short deployment to the…well…let’s just call it a Western Pacific Deployment.

Ok so here is what I think I am going to do with the ol’ blog here.  I am really going to make an effort to keep up with it and post some pictures just to share some of the stories that go with the pictures while I was gone.  Nothing really interesting happened but I did get a chance to dive in Bali, and visit Da Nang, Vietnam, I got to go out in town in Singapore this time and finally made it to Hong Kong.  I never once stepped foot in Bahrain this time ’round, but I did get to go to Djibouti, Africa.  I now know what they mean by African Heat, I flew over Ethopia and got to drink some apple beer in Germany.

As a photographer I am disappointed in the amount of pictures I ended up with but as a sailor who was in a lot of new ports I really did pretty good getting the pictures instead of just finding out what the inside of the various countries bars looked like.  Although I did do some of that, and I have to tell you, very much like every other bar I’ve ever been in.  I did discover that I think I am about ready for a camera upgrade but I am still trying to figure out how I am going to afford that.

Thanks for bearing with me and in the meantime let me leave you with this.

The Breakaways

The ship has a band…it’s the ship’s band and they call themselves…The Breakaways.  This is the…well, I guess he’s the lead guitarist, and he’s pretty darn good.  The Hard Rock café in Hong Kong.  It was a pretty good concert and they really did a good job for a bunch of guys that are stuck on a ship and have other things on their minds than practicing.