Is it Okay to Call Myself a Photographer?


I’m in college now, wait…again, and my major is photography.  I like taking pictures, and looking at pictures.  I don’t really like to read, and they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, does that mean I can speed read?  Anyway, my wife told me to put up a picture for the 2011 Okinawa Hai Calendar, I won’t tell you which one she wanted me to send in but I will put up the ones I sent in to have the judges take a look at.

Katsuren Castle

10,000 Eisa Dancers

Okuma sunset

Red Hair

Those are the photographs I’ve taken that remind me the most of Okinawa.  I wish the red head kid had been my son but he was out of position for that shot.  Jake’s hair wouldn’t have stood out quite that much, anyway, it’s one of Jakes friends, not to mention a pretty sweet photograph.

So…at what point do I get to start saying that I’m a photographer?  Am I supposed to make up a catchy name for a photography business?  Brent Yamada Photography sounds so…plain.  I want something cool.  My cousin has a cool one, Adam’s Images by Kristi, that’s not so plain.  It has some pizzazz.  How about business cards?  Do people still have business cards?  What about a website?  Watermarks for my pictures?  How much money do I say I want when I take some pictures of the fire that came by my house and a guy says he’ll pay me for a copy of the pictures?

Oh my…so much stuff to figure out.  Luckily I’m only in the first year so I’ve got some time to get it all figured out.  Maybe there will be a class or something that will help me with these things, I’m almost positive there is.

My name is Brent Yamada, and I’m a photographer.