Well, I’m back….


I made it to Sandy Eggo a few weeks ago and I have been struggling with getting the house put together, and having to work everyday, and my college class.  I don’t know if I’ve told you all about the class I HAD to take this last quarter.  Of course you know I went back to college right, and of all things I am taking Photography.  Photography which turns me into an art major…yes, that’s right…an ART MAJOR.  Me, the previous MATH major.  Now that in and of itself isn’t a big deal to me…it’s just a name…a title…a description…the bottom line is I am doing something I love, which is get my camera and go somewhere and take some pictures.

As an art major what kind of class do you think you’d have to take?  I mean no one else in the world takes these kinds of classes and I’m a photography major, but still overall I’m an ART MAJOR.  Yes, you guessed it, I had to take a drawing class.  Me, a drawing class.  Me…who has a hard time drawing stickmen and I only know how to draw a 3D box because I’m a Math guy and I needed to learn so I could show my work as I was solving various geometry problems.  So I end up having to go out with a “shopping list” and buy like $80 worth of CRAP I will probably not ever use again in my life (including blending sticks (sounds like something you’d use with alcohol & ice), a 6 ft easel (handy to have around the house) and lots of charcoal (that doesn’t go in the grill).

I ended up with B+, at least I think that is what the 87.54% turns out to be.  And since I have been sharing my work with you as I’ve gone through the classes and as I’ve learned to take pictures with my camera, I will share some of my drawings with you.

This is a drawing of my hand I had to do when I first started the class where I couldn’t look at my paper and I couldn’t lift my pencil.

Some shapes

This is one I did where I tried to get some basic shapes onto the paper with some shading and stuff.

A real picture

So this is one where I had to draw some stuff on a sheet or some type of drapery, it’s not bad but it’s not all that good either.  You should have see some of the stuff the other guys drew.

Still Life

This is another one that had a bowl of eggs, but I thought they looked a lot like eyeballs.

My Office

I drew this one sitting in my chair of my office, it took me 4 hours to do it and I was SOOOOOO, done with drawing afterward I couldn’t even think about picking up anything to draw for the next…week or so.

Self Portrait

And of course which art class wouldn’t be complete without the famed…or dreaded self portrait.  I really had a hard time with my hair and my eyes…I look a bit freakish because I totally missed my eyes.

and of course…the final project…

The Final Project

I thought it would be appropriate to DRAW a picture of my CAMERA and then I had to take a picture of the drawing of my camera.  Anyway, I thought it looked pretty good, especially considering I have trouble drawing stickmen.

I hope to be able to get back to my blogging, I have another class starting in a few weeks after a short summer break, and I will be able to put up some pictures again.

Take care….