Reconnecting with people


This guy from college died recently.  Being overseas and away from family and friends my wife had a hard time with the news of his passing.  It really made her take stock of her life and her connections with past friends and acquaintances.  She felt that she needed to get back in touch with some of the folks from home.  A discussion ensued about the merits of Facebook(FB), possible pitfalls for our marriage, benefits to home and family and that kind of stuff.  We decided that she would get on and see what all the hubbub was about.

Since then, I’ve heard about this friend or that friend, she’s asked me if I remember so-and-so from PUC, she has told me about how FB takes this friends list and your list and compares and then asks you if you want to be friends with someone on the space shuttle because you watched Star Trek when you were growing up with giant robots, and Cobra was trying to take over the world or something like that.  It sounded interesting and so after a month, or so, of sitting and listening to her talk about it….

Last night I took the plunge into FB.  Yes, I am now on FB.  I have my own FB.  I’m FBing, an FBer, I don’t even know what the proper term is.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.  I feel so exposed for some reason on FB more than I do on the blog.  I guess it’s the part about not seeing someone for 20 years then all of a sudden I’m showing them…what?  My blog?  Some pictures?  Stories about my life?  It’s not like they’re all crazy?  Could it be there are millions of people on FB and some guy had FB e-mailed me asking me if I knew who he was and threw out a couple of names and HALO and I’ve got no idea who this dude is but how did he get my name?   Could there be another Brent Yamada out there?  Do you mean to tell me that my parents weren’t the very first people to put Brent and Yamada together, or maybe they were the first, but they weren’t the last.  I guess with the blog, it is me in my living room putting something together so the boys can look back  or the family can keep up with us being so far away from them.  On the FB my ever so original name is just 1 out of 4 different Brent Yamada’s, and that makes me realize how small I am in the grand scheme of things.

Maybe through the discomfort of being so small in FB I will be able to reconnect with some folks I haven’t spoken to or seen for 10 or 20 years.  That and if I can get it figured out.


3 thoughts on “Reconnecting with people

  1. There’s plenty to say about the good & bad of FB – suffice it to say i do NOT recommend befriending someone of the same name. Believe it or not – there is another Aviva Bowman out there. At least one – but this one found me and hey wouldn’t it be hilarious if we were friends because we have the same name! Uh. no. Because now on the chatter I get “Aviva Bowman said…” and I didn’t. And friends writing stuff on HER wall that I thought was meant for mine. And so luckily I had a maiden name that I put in there (which was actually fine b/c I ended up befriending HS friends this year for my 20th reunion) to stop the madness. SO – I have found friends I haven’t seen in over 20 years. Good or bad? Still debatable. But generally good for me. It has its place and it just needs to stay as something fun not something all-consuming.

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