So…What ABOUT Bob??

So….  While GranDee was here, we got to go to this place called “The Cottages at Ourawan Beach”.  It is way up at Camp Schwab, now way up  can mean a couple of different things.  Consider, in this case, that I’ve lived on an island for my last 3 duty stations, that is 10 years or so, and in that time things have gotten a bit skewed.  Like if I have to be in the car for 45 minutes…whew…man…what a drag…such a long trip.

Anyway, as you could’ve probably guessed it is at a beach, a small beach, but nice enough especially during the week…all the marines are at work during the morning/afternoon.  So we were pretty much alone the 6 of us.

I don’t really know how this came about, but Quinn and GranDee came back from down the  beach with Quinn holding a hermit crab named Bob.  And it wasn’t just a hermit crab named Bob… it was that all hermit crabs ARE Bob.

DAD:  Hey Quinn, whacha got there?


DAD:  Oh, I thought it was a hermit crab.

QUINN:  (Head shakes no) Bob

DAD:  So the hermit crabs name is Bob?

QUINN:  (Head shakes yes) Bob

An unknown quantity of time passes(Like 5 minutes) and we are back at the water.

DAD:  Hey Quinn, where’s Bob?

QUINN:  (points in the general direction of mama)

JAKE:  Hey dad, look it’s Bob.  Quinn it’s Bob.

QUINN:  BOB!!!!!!

JAKE:  Dad, another Bob.

QUINN:  Bob!!!!

This is Bob

This is Bob

Another Bob

This also is Bob

Look, it's Bob.

Look, it's Bob.



I was walking along with Jake when all of sudden I see this little thing on the sand skitter away from where I was walking.  I looked real fast but it was to late to see so I just kept on my merry way…there it is again…hmmmmm, I wonder what that could be?!?  Certainly not Bob.  The next time I see the movement I stop and look, really fast ’cause this time I’m prepared.

Could this be Bob's cousin....Mike, or Tom?

Could this be Bob's cousin....Mike, or Tom?

I don’t know but he was hard to see and he could run in bursts really, really fast.

There were some rocks nearby the boys got to go and climb around on…it was a super good day.

Handsome boy

Handsome boy



We had a couple of days there at the Cottages, they are pretty nice.  It’s a short walk down to the beach, during the week you pretty much have left over people from the weekend, or the early weekend starters.  The night scenery is nice, there is a light house you can see and a hotel across the bay.  The boys were great, I got to grill and make pancakes, and not be at work, and Jo got to rest, and GranDee got to play with the boys, and Kira…  well, she slept and nursed and pooped.

A great time was had by all.


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