Claiming Credit


Quinn, the youngest boy, has some how learned to make these horrific poops. I’m talking diabolical.  If I could just catch’em and put’em in a jar… I would make a killing, A KILLING, selling them at places like Spencers.  The other day(sorry I didn’t get pictures but I didn’t want my camera to get broken) we are walking around downstairs and I smell this smell, that smell that says “this something you might have to spend a little time on Dad”.

Now the first thought I have is…”Jo, I’m going out to mow the lawn, and Quinn pooped.” But I decided to MAN up and change it myself.  Now I don’t usually get sick from this kind of thing, I’ve worked in a Medical Laboratory with my Dad, I’ve been thrown up on, peed and pooped on, I’ve cleaned it out of the tub…but this thing was something totally new.  I had to actually check my eyebrows after I got done to make sure they were still there.

That was the boy, but the girl, she’s so small and only having the breast milk right?  So…I get home from work the other morning, Jo is getting up to take a shower and Kira is in bed, I get in and I heart this Brrrrrrrpft, and I’m like wow, such a big sound coming from someone so small, then the smell hit me.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Another one?  How can this be?

Now here’s the funny thing in all this(I know, I know… like talking about smelly poop and farting is not funny enough), Jake doesn’t particularly smell bad in farting or pooping but every time someone says “eeeeewwwwwww, who did that?”  Jake says, “I did” and is so proud for claiming other peoples work.


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